Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Autumn in Sebokeng.

Hey family, what's up! Like the title says it's fall here in Sebokeng so it's super nice, it reminds me of California! It's overcast and a little windy so I just put on a jersey (long sleeve/sweater) and it's prime.

This week was pretty cool.  We finally got to watch General Conference! If we had watched it live it would have been at midnight so the members here just wait for the church to send them the DVD's. So that was our Friday night, figuring out how to work the projector in the chapel and make sure everything was sharp. So we got there Saturday morning to start watching conference, and there were 12 people there.  Then an hour into the first session the power went out! For some reason the electricity companies turn off certain grids for 4 hours at a time.  It’s called load shedding, and it's super lame. So we were just like alright and we saw some cool investigators. One of our progressing investigators is a kid named Luiso.  He is 16 and he is awesome. He's the only one in his family who is serious about the church and he's been coming to church for a month now (he has to come for around 6 months before he can be baptized, since his parents aren't members) but he's one of my favorite people to teach haha. He's the smartest kid ever, and he always reads the pamphlets/scriptures that we give him.  We taught him the Restoration crazy fast because he knew all the questions we would ask.  We’d ask, “So what is a prophet?" and he basically just quoted the pamphlet from memory and said everything that we were going to teach, so we were just like “...Okay, well I guess we'll go on to the next principle" haha. We teach a looooot of people who have a hard time grasping the concepts we teach, especially the Godhead, so it's refreshing to have someone who understands everything we say the first time. When he doesn't understand he asks a question, so we never have to say "any questions?” Ah... it's the greatest! And he has a good friend who is a member and he walks with him to church every Sunday, so it's basically a perfect situation.

So yeah after that we tracted a little, met some nice people--we'll see if they progress. It's not too hard to get into people's homes here, so we have to weed out the jokers, because there are a lot of jokers haha.

Then the power came back so we resumed conference, which was awesome! Beforehand I always struggled during priesthood session, because it's the 3rd session of the day and I'm just like "Please just end already", but this time I was super into it. I loved President Monson's talk!  He is so funny!  Everyone was just laughing during his talk haha. There was another funny talk that I liked, hearing the music. I was just thinking "is general conference always this funny?" Maybe it is and I just never really payed attention back home haha, either way I liked it a lot. But my favorite talk was Elder Holland's. He's so passionate and always has awesome stories. As people say here "He's too much powerful" :)

But yeah, so conference was awesome, definitely the highlight of the week! Besides that we've just been eating a lot.  There’s a lady who sells ice cream cones for 1 rand, which is like 10 cents, so we get at least one every day haha. I've almost killed us a couple of times trying to drive a stick.  Last night was a little sketchy haha, but luckily I only stalled like 4 times. First gear is difficult.

And I always say to little kids "igamilami Sipho" (my name is Sipho, pronounced see-po) so I'll be walking through Sebokeng and a random kid will yell "Sipho! Sipho! Sharp!" and give me a thumbs up hahahaha, pretty funny.

Well that's it for this week.  Thanks for all you do.  Love you guys and talk to you soon!

Elder Savage

Nature, haha.

Autumn . . . a double rainbow, kind of hard to see though.