Monday, December 15, 2014

Salani Kahle!

What's happening! 

This week has gone by pretty fast, but it was good though! I think I sent you those pics of me and Elder Clegg painting that lady's house and having to use her ghetto outhouse haha. She's like the nicest lady ever though. People here always give us yogurt or biscuits or something to eat even though they're living in super rough conditions, it's crazy. My goal for when I get home is to give the missionaries something every time they stop by, because I know how awesome it is to get free stuff haha. 

Some of their living conditions 
But yeah we had zone conference this week and it was awesome, we had Elder Cook from the seventy and he was way cool. He talked for a little on safety, because it's December so people go crazy, and for a few hours on just the conversion process and working hard. It was pretty motivating, Elder Clegg and I afterwords were just like "Let's go to work!" It's lame though because the government shuts off the power in Daveyton pretty frequently to save money, but they don't tell people when they're gonna do it, so sometimes we have to stop proselyting because it gets pretty sketchy at night with no electricity. But they usually do it during the day, which is good.

The outhouse Elder Savage had to use

We've had a lot of good lessons this past week! We got a referral from a member for this guy who owns his own little gym and he's pretty tight. He's flipping jacked, and he doesn't drink or smoke because he takes super good care of himself, but he's a spiritual guy too. He talks about praying and how his prayers get answered, so the lessons should go well with him! Member referrals are the best. 

Pretty sketchy! 
We also taught this less active kid named Jazz (his actual name has clicks in it and is freaking hard to pronounce) and we had a sweet conversation. He was asking a lot of really good questions about hell and the spirit prison. We teach him again this week and I'm super excited for it, because I've studied and learned about spirt world/prison for a few weeks and I feel like I understand it better than I have before. I honestly don't love lessons where you're just talking and they don't ask anything or have any comments, I'm not that good at giving those lessons because I can get through the restoration in like 5 minutes when they don't say anything. but I'm working on it!

I go on exchanges in another area with a zone leader on Tuesday, so wish me luck! Talk to you all next week, thanks for the emails, love you all!

Salani Kahle!

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