Monday, March 16, 2015

ABBA in Africa.

Hey family!

Howzit? From your emails it sounds like it is going awesome! It's going awesome here too!

We had zone conference this week, so that's sweet. . .  you got to see those pictures! (pics below.) It was cool.  Zone conference is always inspiring, even though my khakis got banned haha, but it's alright, the work goes on. We had a lot of sweet lessons this week! Well it was actually an all time low for me with lessons, but the ones we did have were awesome so I wasn't even upset!

One of the good lessons was with the Relief Society president. She's a super nice lady and her kids are awesome, but her husband isn't a member, so we've been teaching him the discussions. The first couple of times I was a little intimidated because he's like 59 and very serious and hardly talks at all, so I wasn't sure if we were really getting through to him. However, when we were there on Thursday night he met Elder Rini for the first time, and they have a lot in common (i.e. goat head is one of their favorite meals), so while his wife served us dinner we just talked to him. At one point music came up and he said that his favorite band was ABBA and I almost started laughing hahaha, cause this guy is so serious I wouldn't even expect him to listen to music.  But apparently back in the day he had every single one of ABBA's records hahaha, so I really wasn't intimidated at all by him after that. It helped me relate to him. We planned on teaching a 40 minute lesson, but I just felt like it was better that he got to know us and trusted us, so after talking for an hour I just shared a quick 10 minute lesson on scripture study that was actually exactly what the son (a member) needed to hear, so it was sweet! It all worked out, and we got fed, so basically a perfect lesson. 10/10 would teach again.

And then Sipho got confirmed in church on Sunday! He's so rad!  He's already been a missionary by just answering people's questions about the Book of Mormon and the church, it's super cool. But he's also had people tear him down for it, like people say that he needs to stay away from the Book of Mormon and they're sending him anti-mormon literature, but he's just like "Yeah I don't really care about that.  When someone says things bad about the church it just makes me want to go to the scriptures and try to find the answer.”  That's a powerful man! No one ever really cared about his religion until we started teaching him the discussions, and now everyone has an opinion on it.  He recognizes that and knows that Satan doesn't want him to be in the church, so it's all good.

The North Cluster has been struggling a little with investigators coming to church, but at Sipho's confirmation there was his friend Tumi (who was also at his baptism), and Tumi brought his friend to church, and Sipho's girlfriend and sister, and his neighbor (who we've been teaching and finally came to church) were also there! I was trying to set an appointment with them one at a time but they were just like "No let's just all meet together!"  So I'm like "Rad!, let's do it Friday night!"  That is what we're doing--we're going to be teaching a recent convert and five investigators all at the same time! I'm seriously so excited, it's gonna be the coolest lesson ever!!!  So yeah, the North Cluster is starting to grow.

That's it for this week.  We’re trying to prepare a few other investigators to be baptized on the 29th, so that's what we'll be working on this week! Hopefully it'll all work out haha. The work is going great, and I'm loving my mission.  South Africa is the best! I love the gospel and I love all of you! Keep doing awesome in America.  Thanks for the emails, talk to everyone next week!

Elder Savage

Me and Elder Mamhere outside the bowling alley

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