Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Eta?! (What's up?)

Howzit in America! It's going pretty well here! People are wearing snow coats because it's like 65 degrees hahaha. People here hate the cold, but I love it!

This week was pretty sweet, it went by super quickly. Our bikes got a bunch of flat tires, so it was a lot of walking, which sucks because it takes forever, but it was still cool. On Saturday we went to a funeral at the chapel, which was kind of uncomfortable because our Bishop made us sit on the stand and we didn't know who died, but it was whatevs ;) Buuuut besides that the week rocked! We met with Sipho again, and he's sharp (pronounced shop, it means good) for baptism this Sunday! So I'll send you some pics from that. And we were able to meet with some of our other most powerful investigators, and two of them are really excited to get baptized! Their names are Gugu (23) and Busi (around 45). They've had some problems with the word of wisdom, but I always just tell the story of our investigator Olga (who still has to get married but then will be good to get baptized) who was drinking a lot of tea every day, but prayed and was able to quit cold turkey, and is still living it! So it's inspiring for them to hear that, it helps them know that they can change!

Yesterday's fast Sunday was cool as well! In fast and testimony meeting at one of the clusters a lady who's had a lot of challenges recently with family members being sick said that Saturday night she was having a really hard time, and she fell asleep and woke up to an angel who said he was there to comfort her, and then later she fell asleep and an angel came a second time and said that she was the one he was looking for, and that he was sent to comfort her. It was a super cool testimony. She just said that she knew that God knew her and knew her challenges, and she was so grateful for the comfort she received. The spirit was pretty strong, and we had some investigators there so I think they felt the spirit as well! It was pretty cool.

Haha you'd laugh if you saw my food cupboard, it looks like it's owned by an OCD person. The thought of having cockroaches in my flat is too much to handle, so I put like every food item in a plastic bag haha.  A couple weeks ago I had some of Elder Clegg's cereal that he hadn't eaten in forever and there were maggots in it, and it was so disgusting so I just decided to buy plastic baggies for everything! But that's it for this week, love you all and I love my mission! I'm grateful that I'm able to be here, and that I love the people here, because back home I wouldn't say that I had that much love for that many people, but my love for others is definitely growing! Talk to you next week!

Elder Savage

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