Monday, April 13, 2015


That means hello in Xhosa. Usually I yell it to people when I'm driving and they're just like "What the fetch, why is a white guy speaking Xhosa" hahaha, it gets a laugh like a quarter of the time.

This week was nice though! The first week here in Sebokeng was super slow just because I was getting used to the area and the people because it was all new, but now that I know it more the time's flying. Once you start doing the same thing every day time goes quickly! Sebokeng is a super nice township though, it's a little cheesier and quieter than Daveyton, so I've only had to teach like two people in a shack, which is nice, because when it starts raining on their tin roof it's impossible to hear anything so you just have to give them a pamphlet and be like "just read this," but mostly everyone here has a house so it's nice.

In Daveyton, most people spoke Zulu but here they speak Sotho, so I'm picking up new things every day. Sometimes I'll greet someone "Dumelang" and they'll be surprised and then say something that I don't understand, so I just say "Sorry, I don't speak Sotho, mna dingu Xhosa (I'm Xhosa) and then they'll laugh pretty hard haha. We have fun with the people here.

This past week was fun, I went on exchanges with Elder Carter, the black comp from Leeds England, and he's awesome, we had tons of fun. Him and my comp are teaching me how to drive a manual, because once Elder Neuenschwander leaves I'll have to drive it around the area, but fetch man driving a manual is difficult hahaha, I've probably stalled like 12 times! And they're always like "Elder Savage you're driving us to the area today" and our flat is like 20 minutes from Sebokeng so I'm just like "Dude I don't want to kill us" hahaha. But in the next couple weeks I'll get better at it.

Sebokeng is an interesting place though. I don't remember if I talked about it last week but they built a chapel for it ten years ago, hoping it would become a ward, but it has stayed a branch. Apparently the missionary work hasn't progressed too much this past decade, which is a shame, but we're not letting it dissuade us. Four missionaries are in Sebokeng currently, and between the two companionships we had 13 investigators at church yesterday! And it was branch conference too, so a bunch of people from the stake and the stake presidency were there and they were pretty impressed, because the chapel was packed! The previous elders weren't the best, so the members can really see a difference, because they've never seen so many new faces at church! So it's going pretty well here.

Some of our most promising investigators are a father led family. Apparently the mom just came to church one time out of the blue, she had never heard anything about it, she was just sort of prompted to come! So my companion and the last elder started seeing them and they're progressing like crazy! We've really focused on befriending them with the members, and the members are down because they really want the branch to be changed into a ward, so it's been super nice. The family (the Mqwati's, the q makes a click so it's freaking hard to pronounce) is made up of the mom and dad who are in their early 40s, their 19 year old son, 16 year old son, and 12 year old son, so when they get baptized it'll add a lot to the branch! So we're pretty stoked about them.

Branch conference was good as well, the stake presidency talked about tithing, and how that's one of the things holding us back from becoming a ward, so it's really motivating people to pay their tithing. Even Sister Mqwati was like "I feel like the windows of heaven poured down on me, I really want to pay my tithing" and she's not even a member yet haha! Super dope stuff.

But yeah, that's it for Sebokeng this week! If I don't email you next Monday it's because I tried driving stick on the freeway hahaha.

Love you all, thanks for everything you do! Till next time.

P.S. I took a lot of pictures this week because I felt so bad about how lame my email was last week, and the internet is super fast here so it can upload them like a boss. :)

Ice cream from KFC.

Ice cream from a tuck shop.

Hahaha... people here sometimes use a horse and buggy.

Donkeys eating out of the trash piles.

Cool nuclear power plant we can see from our flat.

Our flat!

Getting ready to leave the area.

No caption necessary.

Flipping Fong Kong car. No stereo, the doors all have to be locked/unlocked manually, and it only has three buttons... haha. It's the cheapest car money can buy, but I'm learning to drive it. :)

Another horse and buggy.

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