Monday, May 4, 2015

Unite, Magwinyas, and the Huff man.

Hey fam,

Howsit? This week has been pretty good!

To start, I went on exhanges on Wednesday and had to lead my area.  I was worried about it at first because there are no street names so addresses are dificult to find, but it all worked out! We did some service for a member, and he makes these things called magwinyas.  They are like deep-fried rolls, not sure how to explain them, but they're amazing! He sells them for one rand each, so I buy like 10 a week hahaha. He served in the Joburg mission a few years ago and is now living here, so it was fun talking to him about what the mission was like back then.
And then after that we taught some lessons and Elder Stomps taught me how to drive a little more, and I finally got stick shift down haha.  So if my comp leaves I'll be able to lead the area with the car still, which is nice.

We taught a lot of good lessons this week.  One was to this girl we street contacted—she’s about 25 year old.  Her house is connected to a bar, which is hard.  It was on Thursday night and there were a couple of guys playing pool and a lot of people in the house so we had to teach her in the bar haha, which was kind of weird, but it was still a good lesson. There was a drunk old guy in the corner talking loud and I was just like "Hey, be quiet," and then after that he just kept to himself hahaha. There's way too many drunk old guys in Sebokeng, but it's alright.

On Saturday we had Unite again, which is when the members go to the chapel on Saturdays and we play games and have a spiritual message with them, so that was super fun. There's this crazy old guy who always comes to church, and he's not a member, but he's super active and dedicated. No one knows where he comes from either, and he's impossible to teach because he just starts talking about his life and then laughs really hard haha, but he's great.  His name is David. Anyway, the joke we have is that he is in an old folks home and escapes every Sunday to come to church hahaha.  He came to Unite on Saturday and brought a big bag of chips for refreshments, and I was just like "Haha thanks man!" Too bad he's crazy, or else he would be the most powerful/active member in the branch! But yeah, for Unite we played Pictionary and then we showed a mormon message by President Eyring, it's called Choose Wisely.  It’s a pretty cool one, and the members liked it a lot.

Elder Neu and I have street contacted a lot this past month, and it's kind of interesting because we always see people multiple times, but usually in different situations. There was an 18 year old kid washing his car, and he was wearing this hat with weed stickers (the brand is huff), and I thought this guy's a joker, but we just talked to him for a few minutes. And then later in the week we were teaching a family we tracted into, and they have an 18 year old son who said "I told my friend you guys were teaching me and he wanted to join, so is it alright if I go get him?”  We said definitely, so he left and came back with his friend, and his friend was huff man! So right off the bat we already had that trust because we had talked to him before, and we had a cool lesson. Not sure if he'll accept our message, but it was still a cool experience. Street contacting can be lame, talking to random people and trying to spark a conversation, but I never regret doing it. Even if we only get 1 lesson from it it's worth it!

So it was a good week, and then on Sunday I had to give a 10 minute talk on protecting the children, and I was just like what kind of topic is that?  Haha, but it was good.  I ended up speaking for 11 minutes! The longest talk I've ever given haha, and I was pretty proud of myself :)  We were fed twice in two hours and I almost threw up! So overall it was a pretty good day.

Anyway, thanks for all you do.  I'm excited for Mother's day!

Talk to you soon,
Elder Savage

The picture here is of a cow who's about to get slaughtered hahaha. In SA for weddings and funerals they buy a cow and kill it the day before, and that's what everyone at the funeral/wedding gets to eat! :) 

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