Tuesday, July 7, 2015

B.O.M. dictionaries and cow bones!

Howsit going? This week went by pretty quickly! Good week though. We had a lot of cool lessons.

One was with a less active girl named Meladi (pronounced Melody).  She's 24 and less active. We've been teaching her sister but her sister is out of town so we just spent some time with Meladi. We felt like we should just read from the Book of Mormon with her so we read 2 Nephi 1 and she was having a difficult time.  She is not the best reader.  We found out that the Book of Mormon is the reason she's less active. She has a really hard time reading/understanding it, so she doesn't really want to come to church and Satan works on her and makes her feel insecure.  So that is why she doesn't come to church. We're having her write down every single word she doesn't understand and she's making her own Book of Mormon dictionary so she can look back on it and understand what she reads! It was cool that we finally found out her concern.

Another progressing investigator is Nthombifuthe (have fun trying to pronounce that). She's a teacher and is 29.  We went and taught her about prophets and how they've been in every dispensation and she asked, “How can I know if a prophet is true?”  So we read a scripture in Matthew 7 about by their fruits ye shall know them.  Then we dropped a bomb that is Micah 3:10-11 which basically says anyone who teaches religion/divines for money is not of God.  It just blew her mind because the LDS church is basically the only church here where no one gets paid, so everyone is just used to paying their pastor or whatever.  When we read that scripture she realized that all the churches she's ever been to are false. We stopped the lesson after that because her mind was so blown haha.  We decided to give her some time to ponder on that, but we'll see her again tomorrow so it should be good! She is educated and she knows the Bible so she always has good questions, which is nice.

On Friday an AP came on splits with us since I'm training, and it was super fun. I always like exchanges because it's nice to teach with a new person and see their teaching style. We stopped at this less active’s house and she opened the door and there was another lady in a chair sort of breathing heavily.  We said, “Hi, how are you?" and she said that she was busy and that she had a patient. So the AP was like "Are you pregnant?" The lady nodded her head. "Are you giving birth?" She smiled and nodded again. I was like "...Okay well good luck, we'll stop by later” haha.  We got in the car and I was just like "I was not about to ask if they needed help" hahaha. It was pretty funny.

But yeah, it was a fun week and went well.  I ate this weird meal that was just cow bones and then the slimy stuff around the bones, but it wasn't filling at all.  It was interesting I guess.

Love you all! Thanks for the emails.  Talk to you next week!
Elder Savage

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