Friday, December 18, 2015

Teach when you find, find when you teach.

Yes, it's true. I'm having another son, aka I'm training. Not sure where he's from yet. I'll find out tomorrow, but I get to stay in Randburg (aka dolla bill ville) for 2 more transfers! So I'm pumped.

Well it was a cool week. We had a mission tour on Tuesday, which is basically a zone conference but it's led by a General Authority. I think it just happens once a year, and it was awesome! It was Elder Hamilton from the Seventy, and my testimony of General Authorities just grew even more. I mean when he came teaching with us we could obviously feel his Spirit really strong, but even whenever he got up to the microphone to speak I could just feel it, like whoa, this guy has authority to say the things he's saying. He said a lot of really good things. I wrote down some of the things I enjoyed the most. 

-"The moment we begin preaching to others our testimony is ended." He talked a lot about bearing pure testimony and what that means. It doesn't mean saying the things you're grateful for, or telling stories, or making people laugh, it means testifying, sharing the things you know to be true.

-Don't teach people who are impaired by the use of drugs or alcohol because they cannot feel the Spirit.  You can get their details and teach them when they're sober. 

-Don't worry about which street should I go to, or where to go, just go and open your mouths. Talk to everyone everywhere.

Most of these came from a Q and A we did with him at the end, but it was awesome! I learned a lot, and he talked to us about bearing our testimony as we contact in the streets.

So the next morning I was still inspired by everything he said and I opened the back door to the flat complex patio, (this was right before personal study), and I saw the gardner sitting reading a newspaper, and I was like hmmm, I've never seen him sitting behind our flat before, there's probably a purpose. So I went to him and handed him a plan of salvation pamphlet and just bore pure testiomny of it, and then went back inside. At 8:20 during personal study he knocked on our back door and wanted to talk about it, so we had a surprise lesson with him outside! Elder Hamilton focused on "Teach when you find, find when you teach," so it was perfect! His name is Moses and we're teaching him, and he's a father led family! So yeah, blessings from following the counsel of a Seventy and from listening to the Spirit. 

So it was a cool experience and a testimony builder for me. 

Talk to you next week.  Love you all!  The church is true!

Elder Savage

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