Monday, January 11, 2016

Tracting in Randburg!

Wow!  So weird to think that an entire year has gone by since last Christmas! It's gone by pretty fast.

This last week was pretty good.  A lot of people were out of town, so it took like half the time for the sacrament to get passed at church! Since we only had 1 investigator in town and we had already seen all the recent converts we decided to try something we hadn't really done-- tracting. The reason we had never tracted is because it's not really possible in this area.  But in the Randburg CBD (not sure what that stands for, something like central business district, basically where the tall buildings are) there are 2 huge apartment complexes and the security is not that tight.  We have a member in one of them, so we decided to tract it, starting from the 5th/top floor.  It was fun. Unfortunately on the whole 5th floor only 3 people were home because Randburg didn't have water for 3 days, so everyone just bounced haha. But of those 3 people one spoke English, and we had a great lesson with her.  The water is back on now! Luckily we could shower at other missionaries' flats. But yeah, so basically we'll continue to tract it.  Not sure if we'll have time this week, but I'm excited for it. And it's close to the chapel so people inside won't have to pay too much for a taxi, and it's even a walkable distance.

Yesterday we went to a member's house for lunch and her brother and his fiance were there.  They are not members, and they live in a township.  It was awesome because I could speak to them in the little Sotho that I know, and it's just super easy for me to talk to people from townships. Probably because I spent 10 months in them haha. But it was really fun, and we taught them about the Articles of Faith and they're interested in learning more.  We gave their details to the missionaries in their area, and even though we won't be able to continue teaching them, it was a nice lesson. We were able to contribute to someone learning more about the gospel, which is our purpose!

Anyway, talk to you in four days! Sharp!  

Merry Christmas!
Elder Savage

The Relief Society in our ward is amazing!  They gave each me and my companion a shoebox FULL of candy haha, and a little tub of toothpaste, so it's fine if your package is small, because I'm all set!

Okay Grandma & Grandpa Orchard's christmas money went to getting these shoes.  They were only $25!!!  They're vans, because it's my favorite brand.  They are super comfy and will last for years. I was literally obsessed with them when I got them last Monday haha.  I still am. Literally every second Ii was in the flat I had them on, and I would take them off once I had to put my proselyting shoes on to leave. I even fell asleep with them on Tuesday night hahaha.  They're the best!  Thank Grandma & Grandpa again for me!

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