Thursday, November 20, 2014

Week 1- First Week in the MTC

Whatsup everybody!

So this week has been good! It's definitely been the longest week of my life, not in a bad way or anything, but it just seems like such a long time since I got here! Like I talked about a little in my last email, my companion is Elder Phiri (pronounced peery), he's 22 and he's from Zambia! He's a cool guy. I had to explain a couple things to him, like what dry wall is (the only houses he's been in were just cement blocks) and the fact that ironing the inside of your shirt doesn't do anything haha but he's a great missionary. He has a pretty cool conversion story, too. He used to tell the missionaries he would be at his house, and then like five minutes before they got there he would run away and call them and be like oh sorry I'm busy! This was when he was 18, so the missionaries stopped coming, and about a year later he was like "I need to change my life." He knew he needed to go to church, and he had a few choices, so he picked the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and then was converted and is now serving a mission! It can be difficult because even though he speaks English, it's his 4th language, so I've had to learn how to communicate better with him, but it's been good! 

One of the first things I learned when I got here was the difference between an adapter and a converter! A converter converts the 220 volts into 110, and an adapter fries your alarm clock and electric toothbrush charger! hahaha so maybe you would be able to send me a new charger in a month or two :) But don't try to send any packages or letters in the mail, because the postal service has been on strike for a few months, so I'll update you if a find a way that isn't really expensive. Because right now to send a 4 pound package would be a couple hundred dollars. 

I think I talked in my last email about this MTC. It's the smallest in the world, there's only 12 of us Elders here haha. So even though my companion and I are District Leaders, it's only four us and 4 other missionaries, which is cool I guess! There's six Africans, five Americans, and Elder Ainslie, the Brit haha, he's hilarious.
We're really busy here, either learning in class or teaching the "investigators," which are really just the instructors. But even though they're acting, the spirit is still really strong in our lessons, and I'll ask questions that I had never even thought about asking them! Teaching makes me excited to actually go out in the field and talk to people in their homes.
Sorry I can't really send pictures back, the network here is too slow, but I'll be able to send some next week once I'm in the field! 
Anyway, love you all! I know this church is true, and I'll be teaching that in a week! Thanks for all the emails! Peace

Elder Savage on the airplane
South Africa MTC
Playin a little game of foosball 

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