Monday, December 1, 2014

1st Week in the Mission Field!

Hey family! 

This week has been pretty nuts! The MTC went by super quick, which was nice, and on last Tuesday I got my new companion and area! So my comp is Elder Clegg, he's from Lehi, and Mom, he said his mom will probably try to find you haha. 

So my first area is a township, it's called Daveyton and it's tight! Quick lesson on South Africa, they have Cities, Towns, Townships, and villages. So some townships have small houses and are like made of bricks, and then others are straight up tin shacks, it's nuts! But yeah in being in Daveyton reminds me of the story Grandpa Savage told me about a missionary who went to SA and said the only white face he saw was his when he looked in the mirror haha. Besides the other Elders, I've only seen two white people, except one was an albino black person, which was straight up the weirdest thing i've ever seen haha. We tried teaching him in a person's house, but he wasn't very receptive of the gospel. 

The culture here is crazy different than America. They speak differently, like they say hows it, and all the black people either speak zulu or suto (no idea how to spell it) or swana, so there's like a thousand different greetings, they're kind of difficult to get used to haha. They have like three different handshakes, so I never know which one to give people. But one of the weirdest things is how easy it is to go into a random person's house and just start teaching about the gospel. We don't tract too much, but when we do we just walk in, and people tell us their phone numbers and they have like no problem trusting random strangers in their houses. 

But we have a lot of investigators, so the teaching is going great! My favorite lessons are the ones where they read the scriptures and just ask us questions, because that's when I feel the spirit the most, and it just helps me answer their questions. 

Anyway, I don't have as much time to email today, but thanks again for all the emails, they're awesome!

Talk to you next week!

Elder Savage 

 Elder Savage and his trainer Elder Clegg! 

 He's a real missionary now!!! 

Elder Savage with some investigators 

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