Friday, January 30, 2015

Olga and the tea.

Hey fam!

It was so good to read your emails this week! There is definitely a bunch of stuff happening! Well, not a whole lot happened this week, but it was still awesome!

The new cluster in Minenawe (min-uh-now-way) is sweet! Because everyone here walks or gets taxis, it's hard to get to church when it's far from their house. So, we've just been tracting all around the cluster and been like "The church just opened up right by your house, so you don't have any excuses not to come!" Haha, we've been able to have a lot of investigators because of it, it's super nice.

One of our coolest investigators is Olga, I think I talked a little about her last week. She's like 40 or 50, and she's the one who had a vision of a man in white saying he would come and fetch her. She's definitely been prepared to hear the gospel. Anyway, at the end of our first lesson she was talking about how life's hard, but she's always happy. She was like "As long as I can come home and drink my tea, life's good. That's all I need is my tea." and Elder Clegg and I were just like fetch. This is gonna be difficult haha. So we planned to teach her the word of wisdom for the second lesson, because we just felt like that's what she needed. The day we were going to teach her we went on exchanges, so I led our area (which was a little stressful, but it worked out) with Elder Stilgoe from England, and he didn't know Olga obviously, so I had to lead the lesson as well. So we were talking about how one of the things God has commanded us is to abstain from coffee and tea, and she was like "Yeah, I wasn't going to say anything, but this last week at church (her first time at the cluster) I was praying that maybe I would be able to stop drinking tea, because I've just talked to a lot of people about it and haven't felt as good about drinking it. I don't even like the taste of water anymore, I just drink about 5 glasses of tea a day, and I think it's causing problems. (one of these problems was not being able to read for more than a minute or two, because she just got headaches and became tired) So I was praying that maybe I would be able to start drinking more water, and then on Monday I didn't make myself one glass of tea. My husband made me one, because he thought it was strange that I hadn't drunken any tea all day, but besides that I've been drinking water, and I like the taste of it now!" Hahaha I was just like why are we even teaching you, you're like already converted hahaha. So she started living the word of wisdom after drinking tea her whole life before we even talked about it! It was awesome! She straight up already has the gift of the Holy Ghost, like she has promptings to do things all the time, and she sees the consequences when she doesn't follow her promptings, it's insanely cool. We saw her again and she said that she's even able to read the Book of Mormon now! She's already seeing the blessings of keeping the commandments, it's just awesome.

Well that's it for this week, thanks for the emails and everything! I finally finished that chocolate you sent me for Christmas mom! It was money. Talk to you guys next week! Bye.

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