Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Elder Hamilton speaks at the cluster

How's it going fam! 

Everything's sharp here (sharp, pronounced shahp, or shop, it means good. You can basically use it in any context). This week was pretty hectic though! On Friday we got to go to the Johannesburg temple again! It was super sweet, I'll send a couple of pics. Temple days are awesome, because I'm just happy for the rest of the day! And then on Thursday all of the Elders in my MTC group and their trainers went to the mission home for orientation. We just got to eat awesome food and play ping pong, so I was happy haha. President Dunn and his wife are like the coolest people ever. He has this CD he gave us that was produced by the church, it's like a fireside he gave talking about this time he got attacked by a bear, you should look it up! It's insane! So that was cool.

At church on Sunday we had a member of the seventy at the cluster! Like the second I saw him I could just tell he was a general authority, they just have like a light around them. But it was really weird seeing a white person at church haha, but he was awesome.

Apparently the twelve apostles are very aware of the clusters in Daveyton, like they talked for awhile if one bishop could preside over three locations, and so they thought they would try it out, so our clusters are basically an experiment! They've only been around for like 5 months, and then there's three others in the surrounding province, so they apparently talk about the work that we're doing! Which at first was a little scary, but it applies some good pressure. The member of the seventy (his surname is Hamilton, but I'm not sure if he should be addressed as Elder or President) also said that whenever people ask him about President Monson, he tells them the same thing; he's 87, but he acts like he's 67. (Those ages might be a little off, that was like 24 hours ago so I can't remember ;) ) He's
very upbeat and always on the move. 

Which reminds me of a story I heard in the MTC: President Monson visited some missionaries at the MTC, and the missionaries said that the prophet is definitely old. While they were eating lunch he would retell the same joke multiple times haha, but when he bore his testimony, it was super powerful and he didn't repeat himself at all. So even though he's close to 90, he still is a super powerful servant of the Lord.

Welp, that's it for this week! Love you all! The pics from Disneyland looked awesome!

Talk to you next week

Elder Savage 

PS. So remember that member that I talked about who had that dream about doing the temple work for her brother and dad? Yeah well we talked to her again yesterday, and she just has the craziest stories! We were talking to her about the Holy Ghost and how it can protect us, and she was like yeah I definitely know it can. She said a few years ago she was going to go see a business associate in town, but she had a strong prompting to stay home, but she ignored it and left her house. On the way, she got into an argument with this guy on the street and he stabbed her! haha Elder Clegg and I were just like holy cow! That's really intense! haha so I guess the moral of the story is always

listen to the spirit, or you might get shanked.

*** Fun side note: Natalie, Stephen's sister, served her mission on Temple Square and Elder Hamilton was called into the Quorum of the Seventy while she was serving. She got to take him and the other newly called members of the Seventy around Temple Square on a personal tour!

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