Tuesday, May 19, 2015

College students are very receptive to the gospel!

What's up everyone!

It was super fun skyping with you last week.  It feels like a month ago haha. This week was pretty chill though, not too much happened. First we went to Roodepoort for transfers because some guys in our district were leaving and not everyone has licenses, which was sweet. Transfers are always fun! I was able to talk to all my “homies" from the MTC.

This week was pretty normal. We had some free time on one of the days, ( Ican't remember which day it was, such is mission life) so we went to a local college called Sedibeng. We were just sort of walking around scoping out the area around 3:00 pm, so there weren't too many students there, but we were just seeing what it was like. We were looking for a restroom. and I went in as my companion started talking to a guy outside about the Book of Mormon, and then when I walked out of the bathroom (like a minute later), there was this huge group of people around him! There were about 12 college students just listening and asking questions, so we taught them a mini lesson on the Book of Mormon haha.  I was just like where did these people come from?! But the students here are so eager to learn, they're receptive to anything, and they were wondering why two white guys were on their campus.  We gave them all cards with our numbers and told them to call if they wanted a free Book of Mormon. And then they took pictures with us haha.  It was pretty funny. College students are the best, because they're educated and they understand English, so they're super nice to teach!

So that was fun!  We'll probably go back there again this week. And I think I told you on Skype about one of our investigators, his name is Lebohang. We talked to him on the street and invited him to church, which is what we do with thousands of people, but he actually came to church! We didn't even remember talking to him because he was just so normal, and didn't seem extra interested or anything, so it was super surprising hahaha! We have been teaching him -- he's 19 but is still in 11th grade (which isn't that uncommon here) and he's super cool. The day after our first lesson with him he prayed and felt the Spirit, which is the fastest I've ever seen someone get an answer! He's really prepared, and he has come to church 3 times in a row now, and last night he asked when he can get baptized! So we're really excited for that, he's just super prepared to hear the gospel.

We had 9 investigators at church yesterday! That is the most Sebokeng has had in a long time, so the members are getting super into missionary work because they're seeing results from it! There's a lady, Sister Moziboku, and she gave us a couple of referrals the other day from people at her work. While she's on shift at the hospital she talks to co-workers about the gospel, and she's already placed like 4 Book of Mormons, haha!  She's way powerful! We just dropped off 10 more Book of Mormons at her house haha.  The Sebokeng branch is doing pretty well!
I'm happy I'm here, I know there's many reasons for it, and I know that I'm very blessed!

Thanks for everything, love you all, and talk to you next week!
Elder Savage

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