Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cockroaches and Cow Feet!

So how's everyone doing! It's been pretty good here in Sebokeng this past week. It's cooling down a little because it's autumn now, so I've been wearing sweaters a lot. Because it's humid, it'll be like 50 degrees but it feels like 25, so every morning and night it's freezing haha. We'll see how it feels in the winter!

But yeah this week was nice, I got fed some interesting food! We were eating our lunch at a member's house and the grandma asked if we wanted some food she had made the night before and she brought it out and it was cow foot! I guess it would be the hoof, I'm not really sure what to call it, it has an actual name in Zulu, but it was pretty good! Haha she mixed it with some other stuff, it was pretty slimy but it honestly wasn't half bad.  My companion tried to hide it in his tupperware but the member was like... so I guess you don't like it too much haha. So I bit the bullet and ate his too. So yeah that was one of the more authentic "African" foods I've had. I should've taken a pic of it, that's alright though, you'll just half to imagine it! They basically eat like 95% of the cow here, so I'm sure I'll have intestine, stomach, and even cow head in the future! Should be fun.

Then on Wednesday I was with the zone leader Elder Tukia from Tonga and that was super fun! His area is a town, aka white people, so it was interesting. We met some really cool people though, my favorite was this Afrikaaner family, a husband, wife and two children. The husband was baptized into the church but has been less active for 8+ years now, and his wife is not a member. So he was going to his wife's church for awhile, and even though he was inactive he never really lost his testimony, so sometimes he would argue with his wife's pastor because he would be like "That's false doctrine, what you're teaching is wrong", and the pastor finally just said "What church are you basing your doctrines on", and he was like "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints", and the pastor said "Don't ever go there!" So he was like "Hey don't tell me what to do" and then the next Sunday he went back to the LDS church! Hahaha and him and his wife have been attending ever since. So the missionaries have been teaching his wife and she really loves the Book of Mormon, and even though the husband has been less active and forgotten a lot of the doctrine, his testimony is still powerful. Just shows that if the Spirit has confirmed the truth to you, you can't just forget it. You might forget certain aspects or facts, but you never really lose a testimony. So that was cool.

And yeah besides that we just did some service at an orphanage, it reminded me a little of Mexico, so that was fun.

And church was good too! We have a new investigator named Nonhlanhla (kind of hard to pronounce) and she's really powerful. She found us on the street, and said that she wanted to learn more about the gospel, so we taught her this week and she came to church and says she already wants to be a member haha. She's super nice. We taught her about the plan of salvation because she had her 1 year old child pass away, so she liked that a lot, it gave her a lot of comfort and peace.

But yeah, a great week all around, I've just been making pancakes and french toast like crazy haha. Oh yeah and every night we come home and find a cockroach or two on the counter and we've just been like "Where are these coming from?", and I had a feeling that maybe it was from behind the fridge, but I was just too tired during the week haha, so we got home last night and I was like "Elder, I have a fear that they're coming from behind the fridge", so we checked and sure enough there were like 20 behind there. So that sucked. But we went ham, killed them all, I'll show you a picture of the battle ;)

 Thanks for the emails and for all you do though! Love you, talk to you next week!

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