Thursday, June 25, 2015

Monkeys and funerals!

Hey fam! Howzit going? It's going pretty well here, but it was a hectic week. To start, last P-day we were playing sports at our complex and we saw monkeys! Just like 3 of them on the tennis court and jumping in trees. So yeah, that was pretty dope.

But yeah the week was great! Since my companion is going home we got fed a lot haha, I hardly had to cook at all this week. And I have leftovers because like 4 people gave us food yesterday, so I'm set!

Our lessons were a little slower this week because we had to drive to the office a couple of times for Elder Neu, but it was still nice. On Friday we went to the mission home for his final interview, and I printed that Marshall McDonald hymns book that Nat sent me, so while he was in there I just played through that on the mission president's piano, and it was so nice! I haven't played on a real piano in a little while, so it felt amazing!

On Tuesday I went on exchanges and got fed 3 times, which was powerful. We don't get fed too often. I'm not sure what it's like in other missions, but I appreciate food whenever I get it haha.
And I'd say my favorite lesson this week was with the Mqwati family. They've been having trouble reading from the Book of Mormon because it's not that easy to understand the first time reading it, so instead of just going straight to the lesson we read 1 Nephi chapter 1 with them and explained it as we went along. It was pretty cool. I think they felt the spirit, because afterwards their 19 year old son was just like "are we just gonna read, or is there gonna be a lesson too." We had already been there for like 45 minutes, but they wanted to learn more! So we taught them about tithing and fasting, and they were really interested and were asking a lot of questions about it, it was sweet. They're coming along pretty well. The mother is ready to be baptized but she wants to wait for other family members, so we're continuing to teach them every week!

On Saturday we went to a funeral of a member and it was....yeah it was interesting. :) Funerals here are very different from funerals in America haha, but it was cool. It was in the chapel and there were a lot of nonmembers, and when people cry at funerals, they really cry haha, like very loudly. But when someone is speaking and they start crying everyone just starts singing in Sotho, and the speaker sits down and just lets it all out, and then when they're ready they stand up again and everyone stops singing simultaneously, and the speech continues. So it was neat. And we got fed afterwards. But the family is handling it very well, they have solid testimonies so they know they'll see their mom again.
And then yesterday we had two baptisms! Lunga and Mohou, two 10 year olds who got baptized by their grandfather, and it was awesome! I'll send a picture.

And this Sunday I also celebrated Father's Day, because I'm gonna be a father! AKA I'm training. Not sure who yet, but I know it's either gonna be a South African or a Ugandan, so I'm pumped!

Yup, that's it for this week, it went by pretty quickly! Thanks for everything you do and the prayers, talk to you soon!

The two boys in the front are Lunga and Mohou, and their grandfather is on the very right next to me. He was just baptized in October so it was a cool experience for him!

I was walking at night and saw this in the middle of a township. Someone made some sort of meal with I think a cow and then just sort of threw the remains in a field of dirt. Mzanzi fo sho.

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