Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Chocolate shakes, birthday packages, and the temple!

What's up! Long time no see. Things are going great here, it was a pretty cool week! To start, I woke up one morning to my birthday package! Thank you so much! It felt like Christmas! I already made chocolate chip pancakes :) it was powerful.

But yeah not too much happened this week. One of the investigators that's progressing a lot is Nonhlanhla. We taught her again and she's doing really well. She has the gospel principles and teachings of the prophet book, and she's reading from those and the Book of Mormon and just learning more and more every day! And she's even fellowshipping other investigators hahaha, the other day she went to these two sisters Sibulelo and Puleng and was talking to them about church and was just like "You need to come again!" even though we've been teaching them for longer than Nonhlanhla haha. She'll make a great member.
The cool thing about our branch is that even the investigators fellowship each other, because the veterans remember what it was like to come to church for the first time so they always talk to the new people and make them feel welcome! The branch has really turned around in the last 6 months, so it's cool to see the members becoming more enthusiastic about the work!
And because my companion is going home next week, he and some others from his group all got to go to the temple, so that's what we did on Saturday! It was super nice, I hadn't been in like five months so it felt good to get inside again! I'm really lucky to be by one of the 2 temples in Africa! And I got to talk with the Elders who are in my last area, and they updated me on everything which made me super happy! We had a baptism in Daveyton, and a few days after we saw the recent convert (Sipho) talking to his friend so we went and were talking to him, and he seemed like a pretty big joker, but we still taught him twice before I left, and now apparently now he's getting baptized this Sunday! So it's pretty cool to see the fruits of labors that happened a long time ago. 
On the way home from the temple we got McDonalds and it was the best meal ever hahaha, I haven't had a chocolate shake the entire time I've been here, so we went and dropped rand and I had a double cheese burger and a shake and was dipping the fries in the shake, yo it tasted like In-N-Out! It was pretty tight.
So yeah, all in all a great week! Thanks again for the b-day package, those chocolate chips will last me till the end of time hahaha.
Love you all! Talk to you soon
 Eating chocolate chip pancakes and driving to the temple ;)
 Driving through Joberg to go to the temple.

 Aw snap, it's mah birthday


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