Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Holy Ghost reveals knowledge about the Book of Mormon!

Hey family, what's up! Good to talk to you again.  This week was pretty nice.

I've had flu the last half of it, but it's alright. Should've gotten the flu shot at transfers. . . next time :)

On Wednesday President Dunn and Sister Dunn came over for companionship study.  Since I'm training, it was a little stressful haha.  We had an emergency cleaning session, but the flat wasn't too bad. It went well though--they're pretty cool.  I learned some cool things from them.  We talked a little about 2 Nephi and President shared some things I'd never heard. After they left, we let out a little sigh of relief hahaha because they said we were doing great and our flat was super clean! And, we were like...yeah :)

We had 3 lessons this week which stood out. The first was with Mmutsi, a 27 year old single mother.  We finished the plan of salvation on Wednesday, and afterward asked her how her Book of Mormon reading/praying is going.  She said it was fine but she still doesn't feel like she's received an answer yet. We had watched the district pmg videos that morning, so we were pumped and were gonna dig and find out if that was true.  So we started asking questions and she said that she's prayed about it, and she understands the Book of Mormon now when she reads (it was pretty confusing for her at first), so we were just like the Holy Ghost reveals knowledge, so maybe you understanding the Book of Mormon was an answer to your prayers, and she was just like hmmm. . . I hadn't thought of that. And then we bore testimony that she had received an answer to her prayers, and it was pretty powerful. Preach My Gospel says to base the lessons around the Book of Mormon because a testimony of it is needed for baptism, so we were stoked that she's finally received an answer!

Another was with Nthombifuthe. She went to church for the first time on Sunday and in Relief Society they talked about temples, and she was pretty confused, so we took a member with us and we explained temples and how God has used them since the time of Moses.  We were short and simple about it, so we were able to clear up everything about it. And then her other concern is the Sabbath Day, and how in the Bible there is no evidence that it was changed from Saturday to Sunday (which isn't totally true--we showed her the scripture in Acts 20 about how the apostles had the Sacrament on the first day after Christ's death, but she wasn't really satisfied with it) so we just said that once she gets a testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon then she'll know that God has commanded us to practice the Sabbath day on Sunday, and she was satisfied with that. It was good we found out her concerns early on so we can address them asap.

And then the last lesson was with a father-led family, Thabo and Mapule. We hadn't seen them in a month and the husband wasn't answering his phone.  They have a big gate that's impossible to get in and they both work full time, so we were ready to drop them but then on Thursday night we felt like we should just drive there, so we did.  As we pulled up the wife came out and the husband drove home! So we were able to teach them and get their new phone numbers. We were pretty grateful the Spirit led us there, otherwise we would've just forgotten about them by now.

So yeah, that's it for this week.  I learned a lot this week, made some mistakes but you learn from them!

Thanks for the emails.  Love you all!  Talk to you next week!
Elder Savage

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