Monday, August 3, 2015

Rugbee, doghouses, and another baptism!

Hey fam! 

The week was chill. It went by pretty quickly. Every other morning we (the 8 missionaries in the complex) wake up at 6:00 am and go play rugbee in our complex, which has a nice big field. It's been pretty fun.  It wakes me up playing in the cold haha. So that's been fun. I usually come back and make german pancakes or french toast or something, which is awesome. 

We did some service this week, and just painted an investigator’s doghouse, but it looked nice hahaha.  Hopefully I'll get a pic this week.

We had a good week.  We took a recent convert teaching with us.  He’s older, in his early 60s, but it was nice. We've worked with him a lot because he had a smoking addiction before baptism and it sort of came back, so we referred him to the branch president, but he's doing great now! Every time we pop in he's always reading the liahona or watching general conference or something, so it's really cool to see.

On Sunday Lebohang got baptized! The power was out, so the water was cold, like ice cold hahaha. I felt bad for him, but he did well. I baptized him but I was just waist deep in the water. And afterwards he gave his testimony and it was super cool, he gave like a perfect testimony, not too long, not too short, no stories, just the things he learned from praying and reading and attending church. And then afterwards he invited us for food at his house so we were like okay! And his mom and sister came to the baptism (the guys in his family are kind of jokers) and we're going to start teaching his sister on Wednesday! So we'll see, but he might just be the first tree in a forest!

That's it for this week.  Thanks for the emails.  Love you all.  Stay well!

Elder Savage 

There's this little corner of the flat that gets water damage from the shower, and yesterday I noticed there was a mushroom growing there! Pretty dope.

Aw yeah, here comes the big show.


Me, Lebohang in white, his mom in white, his sister, and Elder Mpiyakhe.

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