Monday, August 24, 2015

One door closes and another one opens!

What's up fam!

This week was pretty cool.  We had some sweet lessons. One of them was on Tuesday. So rewind like 3 months . . . we were doing a district finding activity in the zone leaders' area, just street contacting in the city for a couple of hours. I talked to this girl named Lebohang (it's a pretty common name haha, I've probably mentioned like 8 others with the same name) and we tried to visit her but it just didn't really work out. So fast forward to Tuesday, we were going to teach this 15 year old kid but he bailed, so we were like okay, we're in zone 12 which is sort of the outskirts,  and there's not too many people we know around here and it's pretty far from the chapel.  Then I remembered Lebohang so I looked in one of my past planners and found her number, called her and she said she was home and available so we went over there!  She’s 19 and her whole family was there. Her grandma and grandpa, aunts, etc.  So at first I was intimidated because we've been having trouble with old people recently hahaha.  More often than not they're sort of set in their ways and yell at us when we try to teach their grandkids or anything. And then Lebohang said that her grandpa was a pastor and I was just like, “Oh no, it's over!” haha.  But it turns out that none of the kids even attend his church, so he was chill with us teaching them. Anyway, we had a super nice lesson with them, and they all had a lot of really good questions.  The Spirit was strong as we received answers for their questions, and we'll be seeing them again this next week! Sometimes one door closes and another opens, yeah? It was pretty cool.

The week was pretty normal.  We did some service, helped a part member family fix a TV, and the dad (who's not a member) was pleased, so that was nice.

Last night we visited a member that I didn't know very well.  Her name is Veronica, and she is 26. We got to know her a little better, asked her about her goals and stuff, and shared a message about the Book of Mormon.  After we closed with a prayer we didn't feel like we should leave, so we just kept on talking. She eventually said that she wanted to serve a mission but was confused about it because she had started her papers but wasn't sure how to finish them.  She thought she was too old to go on mission, so we were able to clear all that up and refer her to the exact people who could help her restart her papers. She was relieved and happy, and she's going to the police station to get fingerprinted today! And we also found that her 9 year old brother attends church but hasn't been baptized, and her parents (non-members) are cool with him getting baptized! I think their family will all eventually join the church now that 4 of their 5 kids are LDS and we're teaching the 5th one. Especially now that their oldest daughter is preparing to serve a mission! So we were really happy that we were able to help them out because the branch could definitely use some more father led families. So all in all it was a good week.

The only bad thing was that one of the recent converts who got baptized on Sunday snapped.  She has literally gone insane, full out crazy. We found that out on Friday, and it was pretty horrible.  She’s in the hospital currently so she couldn't get confirmed so we're praying.  Hopefully she'll be able to get better. We confirmed the other two people who got baptized last week! They're both doing great.  We take them out teaching with us when we can and they're getting friends in the Branch and the YSA is really reaching out to our investigators. So Sebokeng is doing well! The church is true. It's awesome to see more people join!

Thanks for the emails and all the advice.  Love you all! Talk to you soon.
Elder Savage

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