Friday, September 4, 2015

Drive like a missionary, not like a teenager.

Hey family!

Whats up?  This week was awesome.

We did some service in the mornings and painted for a family.  We also did some gardening for another family. People are always confused when they see me doing a job in the township, because there's not really white people in townships.  And when there are they are usually the big boss in charge of a project, not pulling weeds in front of someone's house haha, but it's chill. It puts us out there more and gets attention from people.

On Wednesday we went up to Roodepoort for zone conference which was awesome! It's an all day thing, from 8 to 3, so we had to wake up a little earlier.  We were able to a ride with other elders so I didn't have to drive :)  And we learned a lot of good stuff, one of which was driving. A senior elder gave a presentation on driving and taking care of our cars, which I really needed haha. The taxi drivers here are notorious for driving fast and crazy and stopping whenever and wherever they want, and last week we took a member to a lesson and he was just like "Elder Savage, you drive exactly like the taxi drivers," hahaha, so that was when I realized I needed to change. So it was good to learn and my driving has improved, I'm trying to drive less like a teenager and more like a missionary.  already.

We got an investigator back! Mmutsi.  She is 30 and has a kid.  We had been teaching her for a little while, and she was progressing really well, coming to church every Sunday and slowly resolving her concerns with the church until she got an internship in a town about 90 minutes away.  She was going to stay with her cousins there.  After 3 weeks the company crumbled, so her internship ended and she's back in Sebokeng. The cool thing is, her cousins that she stayed with are members!  Small world, yeah? So it was a really good experience for her to be able to be around them, and they answered some of her concerns. So she should definitely be getting baptized within the coming weeks!

Sundays are always good. The recent convert Loyiso is 15, and we had taught him a lot about the Priesthood.  He was coming to church for 6 months before getting baptized, so at PEC we asked when he could get the Priesthood. On Sunday morning he had an interview with the Branch President and then in Sacrament meeting we all sustained him as a teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood! And he got ordained during the 3rd hour! It made us super happy, because he'll be able to pass the sacrament and start working on his Duty to God.

Overall it was a great week.  Thanks for the prayers and emails.  Love you all! Talk to you later.
Elder Savage

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