Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sugar canes and scripture study!

Hey what's up family! This week was pretty good, super hot, but it's alright. We went miniature golfing, and then later that day a member took us out to a restaurant, which was rad! So it was a regular P-day, and today I guess we're going ice skating.  You will not be getting any pictures because they would just be of me falling down haha. Remember that one time we went ice skating? That one time? Haha. Yes, I've tried to forget. So we'll see how it goes.

It was an interesting week though. I went on exchanges, so I was back in a township! Not gonna lie, it's pretty nice to be in a town for a little. I mean I love townships and the people, but I was getting tired of people answering all of my questions with "Okay, alright,” haha.  They're great though. One guy after teaching a lesson went in his yard and cut down like a 5 foot sugarcane and handed it to us. I was thinking, “What are we supposed to do with this?” Haha. . . we could've just taken a little bag of sugar, but it was funny.

We had some good lessons with an investigator named Matias.  He’s from Zambia and he is awesome! His wife and kid were members but they died in a fire a year ago, so he's trying to find some direction in his life. The cool thing is that it has really brought him closer to God, and he really does believe that the Book of Mormon is true.  He came to church for the first time.  He loves watching movies, so every church video we give him he watches right away.  So overall, he's just a cool guy. And we're focusing on befriending him with other members, so it's going well!

The three boys who were baptized last week were confirmed on Sunday! Pretty cool stuff.

Dad, I’ve been thinking about doing personal scripture study when I’m at home, and it’s definitely something I always want to do after my mission.  I was talking to a RM and I asked what he misses most about his mission.  He said the full hour of personal study every morning, because now he is married and working, he rarely gets a full hour of study in.  I remember you telling me once that members need scripture study, prayer and church.  Without one of those, your testimony will fall, and it’s so true.  Every less active member I speak with tell me how they were offended or whatever, and I ask them if they study from their scriptures every day, and they always say no.  If they did, then it would invite the Spirit into their life, which brings long suffering, so they probably wouldn’t have even been offended in the first place. 

So yeah, pretty awesome week. I’m still getting fed (still not fat yet), but that's okay.  It will come.  Love you all! Talk to you soon!

Elder Savage

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