Monday, November 2, 2015

January Baptism and Ice Skating!

This week was sweet! All the other missionaries were busy doing stuff on Monday so we went ice skating.  It kind of weird, but the good news is that I didn't die! By the end of the 2 hours I was skating all around the rink like 3 times, no wall no falls, so it felt pretty good. And that night we got fed waffles and ice cream by a member.  So yeah, P-day is always baller.

Sorry, I think my emails are progressively getting shorter. I'm just not as sure what to write anymore because most of the experiences that happen are so normal to me now, so it's hard to think of unique things.  Just know that I'm trying my best! :)

There was one unique thing that happened with an investigator, Tanya, who's on date to be baptized this month. As we were teaching her last week she brought up that she's going to be baptized in January now, and we were kind of skeptical, but she said that that is when she is supposed to get baptized. We weren't really convinced, so two days later we saw her again, and we talked about it.  We were trying to just listen, and not jump in since she's pretty quiet. She explained that she's been having a dream for a little while now about her baptism and it's always the same dream… she is in white and a man is in white about to baptize her, and she talks to someone in the dream who lets her know that the month is January. So after her story we asked her if it is a good dream or more like a nightmare.  She said it's good and she feels good about it, and we asked if she's prayed about it and she said she did pray about it and then she had the same dream again.  So we were just like okay, we'll respect that decision.  Maybe there's wisdom in it that we don't understand. So we'll continue to meet with her until then, which will probably be good because she's from Zimbabwe and her English isn't the best.  Maybe it'll be an opportunity for her to understand the doctrine more before her baptism.

Then on Saturday we went to an investigator’s house, but he wasn't there.  I had a prompting to speak to a guy but he looked a little drunk so I just shrugged it off, but a feeling of guilt swept over me so I though we should go back to that guy, and my comp said he felt the same way. So we went and spoke with him and it turns out he is a former investigator! He was actually progressing very well with missionaries in another area but then something happened and he moved here.  He has hardened his heart a little, but we talked with his friend that he lives with and we're going to see them next Tuesday. We're still not sure what will come out of it, but we both know that we need to go there for whatever reason, so we'll see the fruits in a while I'm sure!

Anyway, it was a great week.  Gotta go.  Talk to you soon!

Elder Savage

This picture is from the beginning of the session.  If I weren’t holding on to my companion, I would have fallen down haha.

Me & Natalie’s friend from her Salt Lake City Temple Square mission, Sister Rakotovao from Madagascar.

I made cookies.  :)

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