Monday, January 5, 2015

"Pitbulls are the devil"

Yo fam! 
How's it living in the snow right now? Summer is heating up, and no one here has AC in their homes so it's like a sauna haha. But this week was sweet. 
New Years was tight! We had to be back in the flat by 6pm, so we picked up some meat on the way home and some elders came to our apartment to braai. We just hung out and ate amazing food, it was awesome. And then on New Years day we didn't work, so we just played tennis and risk! It was a nice mini vacation haha. New Year's was sooo fun, there was just like 10 elders in our flat, and i made the best dinner i've ever made haha. I spoiled myself and bought some doritos, sprite, and grapes! those with my cheeseburger yho it was good! and then new years day we woke up, i ate some top ramen and we played uno, then tennis, and then risk and chess that night! We play tennis now every pday, it's way better than golf haha. Some rich members gave the elders in our other flat 4 tennis rackets, because that's what it's like to serve in Benoni haha. The diversity is so insane.
Elder Savage & other Elders playing games on New Years 
But yeah not too much happened besides that. I've learned for myself that pitbulls are the devil haha. One of our investigators has an awesome medium sized black dog, and I always pet it for a minute before we go in and teach. So we were teaching and then we heard some noises outside. People were calling the guy's name and we ran outside, and this pitbull had his dog by the throat in the street! So the guy and his neighbor broke a freaking broom on the pitbulls back, so it let go of the dog for a second. The dog then ran near me and Elder Clegg in the courtyard, trying to get away, but the pitbull just ran after and started killing it again, so I was just like "nigga let's go" (the n word isn't inappropriate to say in Daveyton; they all call each other that haha) and I started kicking the pitbull as hard as I possibly could but it didn't even do anything. Then the mom took some boiling water from the kettle and poured it on the pitbull, which finally made it run away. But yeah, it was pretty crazy! Luckily the dog survived, but it's definitely got some problems now. So moral of the story, don't get a pitbull :) 
On Saturday all of our appointments ditched, so Elder Clegg and I started tracting right around of one of the clusters. We got in a few people's homes and just invited them to church since it was so close to them. And then we went in one house and they were watching Lord of the Rings haha. They turned it off after like three minutes, but during that time I have no idea what my companion was saying haha, I was flipping glued to the TV. Eish it was difficult (they say "eish" a lot as well). But yeah, that cluster has only been open for a few weeks, and the most people we've had attend was like 32, but yesterday there was 71! We had just found a lot of people from tracting during the week, and like all of them came! Even the people who were watching Lord of the Rings ;) So it was pretty cool to see some fruits from our labors. The week is gonna be packed with teaching all of those new investigators, which is awesome! 
We're also gonna go to the Johannesburg temple this Fr, so it's gonna be a pretty awesome week! Thanks for the emails and pictures! Talk to you next week. Elder Savage 

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