Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Teaching less actives and a road trip!

What's up! Good to talk to everyone again!

Things are going pretty well here. To start, we haven't had roaches in our flat since our extermination last week!  So that's nice. But we've also gotten lazier with dishes, so they might come back soon :/ Hopefully not though.

Honestly, not too much happened this week.  It went by super quickly, which is what happens once you've been in an area for 3 months! Time starts flying.

One unique thing was we had to drive to the mission office in Roodepoort to pick up something for Elder Neu (that's what he goes by because no one can say Neuenschwander).  It's an hour away, so after weekly planning we bought a fat pizza and went for a road trip. We got back just in time for our first appointment too, which was interesting. It was with a 25 year old less active guy named Thabo.  His house is really far from the chapel, maybe an hour and a half walk. There are 5 less active guys on his street who all fellowshipped each other back in the day.  They would always walk to church with each other and go teaching with the missionaries, but now they've all gone less active. So we're working with them, but it's hard when you stop living the gospel for such a long time. Some of them work on Sundays and one does crack, but they still have testimonies. At the end of the lesson with Thabo, he prayed and ended his prayer by saying "In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Amen." And then he was like "Even though I haven't been to church in a long time I still remember how to pray!" and I agreed but on the inside I was like...."Are you sure about that?" haha.  But he'll remember soon enough.

Another less active mother on his same street had forgotten the nature of the Godhead too, so we've just started teaching her everything from the beginning. In just a short amount of time you can forget a lot of the things you once knew. Crazy.

We had another lesson with a guy we met at Sedibeng College, which was funny. He didn't understand English too well, so we won't teach him again (people have to speak English in order to get baptized) but we were in his house and then these random little chickens came in and just start crawling on our feet.  He said, "Yeah I raise them and slaughter them." And I was just like "Why do you let them in your house?" hahaha. I wish I took a picture of it. Kind of hard to concentrate with little raptors climbing on you, but we managed :)

Church was awesome yesterday! There were like 12 investigators at church, which is the most Sebokeng has had in a long time!  We're working hard and should be able to see some baptisms this coming month!

Thanks for everything you all do! I love reading your emails.  Keep me updated on life! Talk to you later.

Elder Savage

Eating pizza on the road trip.

Picture from our roadtrip overlooking part of Soweto, the largest township in South Africa.

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