Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Baptismal Interview Confirmation and Other News!

Hey fam! 

This week was pretty good. I'm always trying to use different resources from the church with investigators we have. Previously we found a lot of church magazines in our flat that we gave out to people, and this week we've watched a lot of the D&C videos with people. There are some pretty awesome ones in there like Zion's Camp and the John Tanner story, and people usually find comparisons to their own lives, so we've enjoyed watching those. And yes, I do have them all memorized hahaha.

We also have been working with a less active member, and he loves the scriptures but he just hasn't been coming to church.  After meeting with him 4 or 5 times he said that he had a friend who wanted to learn more about our church, so we had a meeting with them and shared a message on faith. His friend, Matthew, is from Malawi, and he loved the lesson. And Luke is super into it as well.  Matthew wasn't able to attend church but Luke came again! It's nice because Luke isn't just getting more involved for himself, but also for his friend, so he'll be an amazing fellowshipper for him.

And yeah, I also had a cool experience on Friday.  I did my first baptismal interview and it was awesome. At the end of it the Spirit confirmed to me that the man really was prepared for baptism, and it was nice to have that confirmation. I prayed for it beforehand, and the Lord blessed me with it.

So yeah, definitely a week of ups and downs.  It’s always rough when an investigator drops you, but I know that no effort goes wasted, so we'll just keep working and finding new people!

Love you all and talk to you soon!
Elder Savage

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