Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Zoo Day in Africa!

Hey!  This week went well.  We went to the Johannesburg Zoo last week which was fun. 

Friday we went to the temple which is always awesome. We only had a few appointments set for the day, and our 4 o'clock cancelled, but I'll come back to that.

So Saturday was tight.  All the priest-aged young men in the stake had a two day mini mission.  On Friday they were at the chapel getting trained by recently returned missionaries from the Stake.  Then Saturday was the day that they went with the full-time missionaries for a full day of proselyting. We walked in the chapel around 7:00 am on Saturday morning, and I see this kid I didn't know and I started talking to him.  Then he ended up being our tag-along for the day and he was sweet!  He lives in downtown Johannesburg.  We were having an alright day, but our battery in the car died so we had to jump start it like twelve times during the day.  Thats good though because I'll never forget how to jumpstart a car now!  Anyway, so in the planning session we told Gilbert (that was the kid's name) that we were going to see a guy named Philemon, a member, and his family.  It was the guy that cancelled the appointment on Friday.  When we got to Philemon's house Gilbert's like "that's my uncle! haha.  We were just like no ways man, but he was like no seriously these are my cousins we're seeing. And even though Gilbert lives like 30 minutes from them he hasn't seen them in years, so it was pretty cool. Things worked how they were supposed to I guess.

But yeah, it was a cool day, and all the young men loved it and felt the Spirit super strong.   I just realized that I think I am used to having the Spirit let me know what to say in lessons, and I probably take it for granted, but I try to thank God for it.  It's pretty cool being a missionary.

I'm still loving the Jozi mission and love being an Elder.  I’ll talk to you again soon!

Elder Savage

In Africa they don't say "zee-bruh" they say "zeh-bruh", apparently we (americans) can't change the pronunciation because we don't have them.  :)

Mmmm . . . big boy.

Took this picture a split second after the bird pecked my camera.  haha.

Zoo python

The elephant was sick! (cool) We threw sticks to it and it ate them and then threw it’s trunk up and spit on us as a thank you haha.

“Monkey, hold me!"

Giraffe.  I have a sweet video of the elephant, but I can’t send it on myldsmail, buuut I guess it’s just a few more months before you’ll see it.  :)

I was trying to take a picture of the crocodile, but then the camera focused on the plant, but it looks cool so I’ll pretend like I did it on purpose.

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