Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cow Liver and Less Actives!

Hey everybody!

Ok... so I wrote down some notes on things to email about this week.  I wrote "Ate cow liver, 8 inv's to 2, service, LA members, talked to guy." I know what I was referring to for those, but in case you don't I'll explain haha.

So the week was pretty good, we had a baptism yesterday! If the picture doesn't send it's because the computer just decided to not recognize my camera.  Sorry.  But yeah, so that was really cool.  We have been working with her for awhile.  Her name is Tanya, and she was the one who had a dream that she should get baptized in January instead of November, and it all worked out.  So for still unknown reasons it was inspired!

Building up a teaching pool in this area has taken a little while, and as of last week we had 8 investigators.  Now we are down to 2, so it's a little rough but we're working with it. Basically we're just calling everyone on the ward list, since there's a lot of less actives, and we've gotten an investigator from doing that in the past.  So we're praying we find more people to teach! 
We started doing service for a guy-- we're teaching him how to read and write in English, so maybe something will come from that!

Yesterday we got fed cow liver with mashed potatoes and peas for lunch. It was pretty good, and I ate seconds. Woke up this morning two pounds heavier haha. I should eat liver more often!

And just another cool experience before I go.  This morning we were leaving our complex to email and I saw this guy working on his car, and I just felt like I should go and talk with him.  So I did and I asked him "you fixing your car?" A pretty stupid question haha, but he was like yeah and then started talking for 25 minutes about his cars.  Basically he's not really interested in religion, and he thinks most people are hypocrites, but he's a super cool guy.  We at least built a relationship with one of our neighbors. And he was like "if you ever need anything, just let me know. And if you ever want to come check out my other cars, I have about 30 BMW's in a warehouse in town, just let me know." So not completely sure why I felt I had to talk to him so strongly, but we'll see.

Anyway, gotta go.  Peace out! Love you!
Elder Savage

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